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  Series 201

Series 201

· Cross Ref.: DE-STA-CO Series 205
· Holding Capacity: 60 lbs. (27 kg)
· Weight: 0.09 lb. (40 g)
· Bar opens: 90º, Handle 80º
· Spindle Supplied: GH-SA-08034 (Nylon)
This compact clamp is the most economical horizontal toggle clamp. Most suitable for holding down sheetmetal or circuit boards. Many spindle bar and base combinations available.

Model number Description
201 U-Bar, Flanged Base
201-A Fixed Bar, Flanged Base
201-AI Fixed Bar, Straight Base
201-AL Fixed Bar, Left Hand Flanged Base
201-AR Fixed Bar, Right Hand Flanged Base
201-ASS Stainless Steel Model of GH-201-A
201-I U-Bar, Straight Base
201-L U-Bar, Left Hand Flanged Base
201-R U-Bar, Right Hand Flanged Base
201-SS Stainless Steel Model of GH-201
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