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  Series 101A

101A series vertical handle toggle clampSeries 101-A

· Cross Ref. : DE-STA-CO Series 201
· Holding Capacity: 110 lbs. (50 kg)
· Weight: 0.13 lb. (60 g)
· Bar opens 100º, Handle 56º
· Spindle Supplied: GH-FC-10138
One of the most affordable clamps. T-handle and straight base options available.

Model Number Description
101-A U-Bar, Flanged Base, Straight Handle
101-AI U-Bar, Straight Base, Straight Handle
101-AIT U-Bar, Straight Base, T-Handle
101-ASS Stainless Steel Model of GH-101-A
101-AT U-Bar, Flanged Base, T-Handle


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